The Balanced Plate Method

5 Minute Meal Plan

The Balanced Plate Method is an easy way to help plan meals with a busy lifestyle. It can be used for healthy eating, diabetes or weight loss. It is based on the Idaho Plate Method, created by the Idaho Diabetic Care and Education Practice Group. Under our BP Coaching Resourceslink you will find an array of tools including an8 week group program trainers guide to help you get started.

The Balanced Plate Method is a healthy meal planning tool that your memberscan be successful with!Here are the basics:

1) Fill of the plate (approximately 1 cup raw, cup cooked) with non-starchy vegetables.

2) Fill of the plate with high protein foods.

Choose leaner options from your high nutrient list. This can decrease fat intake & cholesterol levels.

3) The bottom fourth of the plate becomes the Breads/ Starches/Grains section. These foods just need to stay on this portion of the plate and equal about a palm worth, 1/2 cup, or 15 grams of carbohydrate. A small bowl can sit here to hold soups, and cereals. Corn, peas, potatoes, & winter squash belong here.

4) Add a serving of dairy (milk or light yogurt).

5) For breakfast, you can skip the vegetables or if you desire, add in vegetable juice, veggies to your eggs, or however you want to sneak some in!

6) For men or women with additional exercise, add an extra starchy food

to your meals. Most men need more calories. (A dietitian or your health

coach can fine tune your meal plan).

7) For snacks, have a fruit serving combined with about 1 oz of lean protein.

8) You can exchange starch, fruit, or milk for any meals or snack, but try to get in 2 fruits a day, a minimum of 3 whole grains, and 2-3 dairy products.

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